Hearts for the Homebound

This is a ministry for families and individuals to “adopt" a homebound member of Second Baptist Church into your own family. Many of our homebound folks don't have a lot of family left and don't have many visitors coming to see them anymore. Wouldn't you like to share your family with a dear, elderly person or couple who are not able to get out much and need a little extra TLC?

****Here are some ideas of what you could do as a Hearts for the Homebound family.

Visit your homebound person once a month. Every visit doesn't have to be long. Most of the time, it is probably best to keep the visit short anyway. Just letting them know that you care, and maybe taking a little gift, would mean so much to them.

Take the whole family for a visit. Homebound folks love children. Let your child/children draw or color pictures and deliver it themselves. It is amazing how precious a little thing like a child's picture can be to an elderly man or lady. Let the kids make cookies for your homebound.

Send a card. I will give you the birthday of your homebound so that you can send or deliver a card. Include pictures of your family. Let the kids “sign" their names too. Other occasions could be Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Write a letter – Send a postcard. If you go on vacation to somewhere, take along the address so you can send a postcard. Or just sit down and take a few moments to write a letter and mail it. They get mostly bills in the mail. A kind and loving letter would really be a nice surprise.

Be creative. If you come up with other ideas, let me know. I might just pass them on to the others!

Contact Larry Helm to be assigned to a homebound person at 803-283-2015 or larry.helm@lancastersbc.org