The Towel of Servanthood

Sun Jan 14, 2018
8:00, 9:30, 11:00AM

What does a servant look like? Where do we usually find them? When you think of Jesus, what do you typically imagine? What is he doing? One of the images that I often envision is what he did during the Last Supper. Not the picture like captured by Leonardo da Vinci in his famous painting, but the scene following supper. The scene where Jesus surprised His disciples (and me) when He left the table and moved to where servants worked. He took off His outer clothes and picked up a servant's towel. He was now dressed like a servant. He wrapped the towel around His waist, filled a basin with water, and began to wash the dirty feet of His friends. He was now doing the work of a slave. That wasn't His job, but in doing so He redefined for us what we should do. Jesus modeled for us what servant looks like when He willingly left the table and knelt to meet a need. This picture models what we saw last week about being great (Mark 10:35-45). Hopefully this week we will all get up from the table and wash some one's feet. Go out and be a servant!

created by: the visual studio